My Passion:

Finding the right match between
personalities and businesses.

Reach the unreachable.

Lost track? If you are planning a career change, want to develop your next career step or are simply looking for your dream job: Then a neutral, experienced sparring partner is most helpful for you.

A good quarter of a century in the mediation of companies to employees and employees to companies provides me with proven experience and expertise in my assessment of personalities and characters as well as solid market and process knowledge.

If you want to know where your path can lead you, send me your resumé and get a qualified, neutral and honest opinion.

My work is characterized by a high degree of individuality and is based on a proven methodology.

Go above and beyond.

Win through your uniqueness: Show who you are and what you want. Ask yourself even the most uncomfortable questions. As a reflected, open and honest sparring partner at eye level, I can support you in this process.

I am tireless and passionate about achieving the best results. If you are too, then you are ready:

Contact me or give me a call +49 174 322 86 53

My consulting services may be tax deductible for you as advertising expenses