Where is the candidate
who leads your company
into the future?

My Passion: Finding the
right match between
personalities and businesses.

Where is the candidate
who gives your company
a new momentum?

A private look
behind the scenes.

Reach the unreachable.

If you want to give your company new impulses or even a new direction by recruiting a new talent, you have to discover people that others are not even looking for. Rufus Steinkrauss senses who is required. His headhunting approach is emphatic and unconventional. It helps him that he can read people. This is the best advertisement for the companies he represents as a personnel consultant for specialists and managers.

This leads to surprising results and brings pleasure to the clients’ companies.

Winning instead of coaxing.

If the selected candidates recognize interesting prospects or further options for their own development, they are also ready to change their existing employment relationship. They are put on a shortlist, from which three to five proposals are extracted following intensive personal discussions with the headhunter.

The recommended candidates will be discussed with you based on their exposés. This is how the finalists are selected for presentation. Experience shows that at least one candidate will be on offer that receives your trust as a new employee.