Personality matters.

A private look behind the scenes

There are many experiences that influenced my personal development – here is a small excerpt.

For example, I spent a few months for a shipowner as an “au pair” in Johannesburg, South Africa. During my studies, the root of a front tooth became inflamed and was treated using traditional methods by Philipp Mhlangu, a Zulu witch doctor by bewitching the tooth. Unfortunately this was not successful. The dentist at the Lister Clinic in Johannesburg had a more professional and effective remedy and the tooth was luckily saved.

Or the story of when I was on board a container ship of my host in Johannesburg sailing from Durban around the Cape of Good Hope but then the ship didn’t get entry permission into Cape Towns’ port because no pilot was available for hours. This enabled me to enjoy a breath taking view of from the sea of a spectacular sunset followed by fireworks display against the backdrop of the city and Table Mountain.

I also vividly remember the weeks in the jungles of Costa Rica that I was allowed to spend there with friends at the invitation of the Costa Rican Foreign Minister when our expedition jeep due to pure carelessness almost got lost in the Pacific waves – and we with it. With the combined strength and support of the locals, we were able to get the car and us to safety

Another memorable night time experience was spent with a good friend in the Piazza del Campo in Siena, Tuscany where we were able to witness the midnight “Prova notturna” to the Palio di Siena: the horses gallop around the piazza without riders. One of the horses galloping wildly crashed and died without any help in time.

But the most memorable experience, shortly after the wedding with my wife, was the birth of our son. Also, accompanying my dying mother into the other world was also a very important – and touching experience.

What this curriculum vitae made Rufus Steinkrauss into:

Rufus Steinkrauss works industry-neutral and independent.
Rufus Steinkrauss does not read CVs, but people.
Rufus Steinkrauss is empathetic: he senses what is needed.
He always finds something to be enthusiastic about.
And he is always good for a surprise.

Details of my Vita

Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany.

After the elementary school in Hamburg, attended the humanistic high school Casimirianum in Coburg (Bavaria). One year later followed the birth of a brother. After leaving school, returned home followed by an orientation period in the Port of Hamburg as a surveyor and boat builder and then two semesters of business administration.

Started studying law in Wurzburg and Hamburg then spent several months of working and traveling abroad in the United States, Costa Rica and South Africa. Parallel to this, six-month intensive study of the Italian language in Siena. After the first state law exam in Hamburg, bridged the 2.5 years waiting period for the traineeship at the Privatizing Agency in East Berlin as an environmental officer responsible for the removal of environmentally hazardous waste on the land of the former GDR.

At only 28 years of age, direct personnel management of 25 employees and responsibility for a budget of DM 125 million for the removal of contaminated sites. Afterwards legal traineeship in law firms, among others, the mayor of Hamburg.

Second state examination, admission as a lawyer in Hamburg, own mandates and work as a claims manager for a major European industrial insurer.

Wedding in Hamburg and birth of our son in Berlin. After that, organisation and expansion of the Rome branch of an international financial service provider from Northern Italy.

Unexpected death of father. Consequently returned to Hamburg with the family from Italy to look after seriously ill mother. At the same time, started work as an independent personnel consultant in Hamburg in own office. Since then, expansion of my customer network in Germany and Europe.

Opening of another office in Coburg / Bavaria. I live with my wife and son in Hamburg and Coburg.