Where is the candidate
who gives your company a new momentum?

Mostly already in the starting blocks.

Special people can only be found with special methods.

This is the approach of me and my team. Reach the unreachable. Every business goal can be reached with the right people but this cannot be achieved routinely. Even the biggest database of the largest recruitment consultancies cannot offer more candidates than the ones the recruitment specialists have included in it.
We can reach the unreachable by employing more unconventional methods using individual detective skills for direct search, while not only relying on databases. After a comprehensive briefing from yourself, a sophisticated research project will be set up by our specialists to discover the candidates where others don’t look.
After several filter processes, discreet direct contact is made by our research department to suitable applicants. It is here that Rufus Steinkrauss takes on a representative function for your company and becomes your figurehead for potential new employees and managers. This ensures a positive candidate experience.

That can change your company.

What can happen to you (and has already happened) when you seek advice from Rufus Steinkrauss and his team: First of all, you will get rid of a great deal of concern, you will not have to worry about anything, you will be informed, accompanied and looked after at eye level. You get exactly the candidate you want and no compromise.
You save time and become more efficient, you receive a fair treatment and you will enjoy the cooperation. Because you get a candidate that creates real value for your company, even if he comes from another industry, which is also personable and also fits and enriches your company.
Your company gets a new momentum. This secures or even expands its marketability. As a result, it quickly translates corporate goals into competitive advantages and higher customer satisfaction. Your business is evolving because you’ve been able to leverage a new talent as an entrepreneurial opportunity.

Sectors and working methods.


We work for medium-sized, mostly producing and owner-managed companies and large international corporations and occupy senior management positions as well as specialist and management positions in the following sectors. Mechanical and plant engineering, electronics and electrical engineering, plastic injection moulding, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, trade and metalworking companies.
Our clients appreciate our cross-industry market knowledge. This way, we ensure that we do not always “fish in the same pond” for our customers, but think outside the box and take your company to new horizons.


We place the most important value-adding factor at the centre of our work: the people. We bring personalities and companies together.

Lean structures and the use of active contact networks ensure a time-efficient and profile-accurate pre-selection. Above all, clients and candidates appreciate our commitment and reliability.

In addition to the candidates’ professional expertise, we also focus on the personalities of these people. What motivates them, what are their goals, will they develop in the new company in such a way that they perform at their best? Will they make a significant contribution to increasing your company’s performance?

Our specialty lies in the distinctive combination of competence and experience: intuition. We call it a gut feeling, developed and promoted over the decades. Not measurable – but demonstrably successful. In our company, we combine nearly 20 years of professional experience at a national and international level.

Your success.

For us, the focus is on the success of your company – our aspiration goes beyond simply filling the vacant position. Rather, it is about recommending employees for your company who are able to integrate themselves into the existing structure and culture so that both parties benefit from it. Our job is to find the personality that will help you expand your business.